Tatiana’s Tips for Positive, Energetic, Lovely Living!

Stop for a second and notice what you are feeling right now. Is it joy, happiness, love or other positive emotions? Or is it sadness, anger, fear or other negative emotions? Now take a minute to monitor your thoughts. Are you in here and now? Are you in the past or the future?  Are these thoughts negative or positive?

As most of us heard, our past and present create our future. Our thoughts, emotions, words and actions are all a form of energy that has an ability to manifest specific events in our life.  Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could consciously move toward more positive, here and now way of living?

How can you make the most use of this very second, right now, to appreciate the fascinating things in your every day life? The texture of the shirt against your skin, the fresh smell of your laundry detergent, the vibrant colors of the fabric or the intricacy of the threads that hold it together. Sometimes we must downshift. Our lives can become a flurry of activity – of survival. But how would it feel to slow it down? Take your life and set it to slow-mo – paying special attention to every smiling face, every color, every smell. How would it feel to be present in every beautiful moment laid before us?

I feel it would be great and believe we can do it! The following are some of the steps we can take to get there:

  • In your mind (or on the paper), list as many things as you can that you are truly thankful for. You can start with saying: “I am thankful for…”, or “I am grateful for…”, or “I am blessed with…”, or “Thank you God for…” You can do this while driving, while waiting in line, as you wake up in the morning or any other time. You can do it several times per day or just once. This exercise will route your thoughts and emotions toward positive things in your life.
  • As you wake up in the morning, you can say “Hooray, God made this day especially for me!” and smile. You can also add: “My intention for this day is …” and state what your goal(s) for the day is. It may be self-care and care for your family, or financial wellbeing of your family, or anything else that you plan to work on during the day.
  • Start to notice at least 3 positive things about your surroundings. As you drive, you may notice beautiful trees or flowers, deep blue sky, cool cars, cute dogs or beautiful people around. As you walk into the store, it maybe a beautiful display of products, beautiful clothes, nice perfume or handsome young man in line. As you walk into the office, it may be beautiful décor, flowers on the desk, or nice view from the window. Train your brain to notice positives in this world.
  • Remember to smile often. Even if you are alone, just smile for no particular reason.

These four simple steps will be a great starting point to help us stay focused on the present and have more positive outlook on life.

What techniques do YOU use to calm yourself – to see the beauty in the world around you? How does it affect you when people around you are persistently negative? Please share in the comments below – let’s learn from each other!

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About the Author:

More than 20 years ago, upon completion of high school, destiny brought Tatiana to the US. The search for answers continued. She received a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Psychology in 1995 from Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA. This paved a way for earning her Master of Science degree in Counseling from Georgia State University in 1997, in Atlanta, GA. In addition to the formal academic education, Tatiana became a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1995 certified by the Wellness Institute in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy. In 2007, she earned a certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by National Guild of Hypnotists.

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  1. Vicki October 24, 2016 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    Tatiana, What a great blog on moving forward by expressing our gratitude each day! Focusing on the present and the joy of our creation of each day!
    Thank you for sharing!

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