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Scheduling a private training day with Patti provides a personalized and customizable educational experience. Choose one of her many workshops or a particular skill you’d like to learn and you will have the unique opportunity to study one-on-one with this century’s greatest Medical Intuitive!

Available in person or by live video! Please call the office to schedule a private training day with Patti Conklin at 404-474-0086.

How to Prepare for a Private Training with Patti Conklin
Our first recommendation is purchase your copy of Patti’s book, God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped. Many of the concepts Patti regularly teaches are covered in this easy-to-read while powerfully informative book. It’s a great place to start! You may also choose to attend one of Patti’s monthly online classes to get a feel for her teaching style and familiarize yourself with terminology. If you’re more advanced, or perhaps are already an active practitioner in your own field of expertise, call our office and the Patti Conklin Inc staff can help you decide which combination of skills will best suit you.

What You Can Learn During a Private Training with Patti
You can learn how to raise and lower your frequency, how to perceive more clearly, how to further develop your intuition, how to change the frequency within your home, how to enhance your own gifts, self hypnosis, or anything you may be interested in learning directly from Patti, one-on-one.

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