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Neurological Rebuild with Patti Conklin

When conventional medicine isn’t enough, like for cases of OCD, Multiple Personalities, Dissociative Disorders, conversational issues, Autism, Aspergers – any neurological disorders in children or adults, the neurological rebuild is an excellent option. Patti has developed a skill set using her gift of sight to repair pathways, or “strands” in the brain that are often at the root of these problems.

Note: The Neurological Rebuild is remote work.  A consultation is REQUIRED before beginning Neurological Rebuild work. You must call the office at 404-474-0086 if you think you or a loved one are a good candidate for the Neurological Rebuild, or use our appointment scheduler to set up your consultation. Consultations are $50. This amount will be applied to your Neurological Rebuild total cost if it is decided you are a good candidate for this healing work. No healing work occurs during a consultation. 

The Benefits of a Neurological Rebuild
When Patti sees strands that are not fully connected neurologically, she is able to rebuild and attach the strand, reprogramming the brain to function in a different way. This is ground breaking work and we are very excited by the results we have seen from our clients. Brain surgery without actual surgery!

What to Expect During a Neurological Rebuild
If Patti does not see strands that are detached during your initial consultation, she will decline work with you on a neurological rebuild and will suggest other alternatives. If Patti does see strands that are detached, then a schedule will be set. You will be required to send her a current picture of yourself. During the time that Patti is working, you will have no communication with her. Your follow ups will start approximately 2 weeks after the strand rebuild. In the case of a neurological rebuild in children, the follow ups will be with the parent(s).  These follow ups can last anywhere from 6 months to 12 months in order to assure the best possible outcome from this process.

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