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The Intensive Cellular Cleansing is the most in-depth healing work offered by Patti Conklin Inc. It is a 2 day process (6 hours per day) one-on-one with Patti. Together, you and Patti will work to neutralize stored negative emotions in your cells, and analyze and shift your perception of the world around you. This work is reserved for people who truly want to stop behaviors and emotions that are keeping them from their joys and blessings in life. The Intensive Cellular Cleansing is effective for emotional, spiritual, and physical problems.

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The Intensive Cellular Cleansing is available in person in Cartersville, Georgia or by live video.

Note: We understand situations arise that may prevent someone from traveling or participating by video. That’s okay. The Patti Conklin Inc staff will work with you to find a plan that accommodates you.

How to Prepare for an Intensive Cellular Cleansing
We highly encourage anyone interested in the Intensive Cellular Cleansing with Patti to call the office and arrange for a consultation. The consultation allows you and Patti to  ask questions of one another, and to make sure this is the right option for you. We also suggest that you pick up a copy of Patti’s book, God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped – a wonderful resource for learning about the cellular cleansing process and the role Patti’s gift of sight plays in her healing work.

What to Expect During an Intensive Cellular Cleansing
You will spend several hours with Patti each day over the course of 2 days. Together, you and Patti will use dialogue and intuition to determine the core emotion(s) at the root of your emotional, spiritual, or physical ailment(s). Patti’s unique gift of sight allows her to see the blockages in your body, and see which emotions are contributing to those blockages. You will work with Patti slowly, listening to your body, and you will begin to release these emotions, or “clean the cells”.  Patti will teach you how to fill your clean, new cells with unconditional love and joy to retain health and happiness. The Intensive Cellular Cleansing requires hard work and dedication from you and Patti. You will be given homework assignments, you will journal regularly and submit the entries to Patti for assessment, and you will be scheduling multiple follow up appointments (at no extra charge) for 6 months post-intensive.

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