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Patti Conklin has the ability to connect with your energy no matter where you are in the world. During the full day remote healing energy session, you will begin with a half hour phone conversation with Patti to discuss with her what your goals are for this healing work. Together, you and Patti will determine where in your body you are storing emotion. She will provide you with homework to do independently to assist in removing this stored negative emotion and replace it with positive, healthy vibration.

Disclaimer: Patti Conklin has a deep respect for João, John of God in Brazil. If you have visited the Casa and had any spiritual surgery, you must wait 40 days from the day of your surgery before registering for this session.


Note: You have two options for Remote Healing. You can choose either the half hour remote healing session, during which Patti will push energy for you at the designated time. Or you may choose to do a full day remote healing, during which you will have a half-hour phone conversation with Patti to discuss where in your body your emotion is being stored. Patti will then spend the remainder of the day pushing energy for you delivering an all over healing experience. This page discusses the Full Day Remote Healing option.

How to Prepare for a Full Day Remote Healing Session
The Full Day Remote Healing differs from the half hour remote healing in that you will have a conversation with Patti either by phone or Skype to allow Patti to hear directly from you what is most important that you achieve from this healing work. The Full Day Remote Healing session will begin with a phone or Skype call at 10:30am Eastern. After the phone conversation, Patti will settle in for a full day of pushing energy. There is nothing else required of you for the day. You may continue on with your day as your normally would and allow Patti to do the work for you.

What to Expect During a Half Hour Remote Energy Session
You can expect increased energy or fatigue, tingling sensations, unfamiliar scents or tastes (a metallic taste is common), or a feeling of peace and serenity. You may experience a total healing, or a decrease in pain or sensitivity, or clarity about a situation or emotion.

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