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Sometimes the situations we face in life require us to seek counsel. Big life changes, medical decisions, spiritual clarity – sometimes we are too deep in the emotion of it all to come to the best, clear-headed conclusions while maintaining an unconditional love state. With the Ask a Question session, you can apply Patti’s wisdom and guidance to your situation to help you make the decision that’s best for you, all through the convenience of email.


This is an email only session.

How to Prepare for an Ask a Question Session
You may provide as much background information as you feel is relevant. Take your time with this. Sometimes events that have occurred in your life have more impact than you realize. You may write up as lengthy of an email as you see fit. Once you feel you’ve included all the necessary details, end your email to Patti with one final question.

What to Expect from an Ask a Question Session
Once you have scheduled and paid for your Ask a Question Session (which can be done through our appointment system), you will receive an appointment confirmation. Your appointment confirmation will include all of the details you’ll need in order to submit your question. Patti will then connect with your energy, consider the details of your email, and determine the proper answer for you. She will answer your question within 72 hours of receiving your email. Her answer may be clear cut, or she may find it more fitting to give you specific instructions to follow in order to gain clarity and health.

Note: Situations do arise in which Patti is unexpectedly called away to work with someone who may be seriously ill. These situations are always unforeseen and move very quickly. In these situations, we ask for a little more time for Patti to return a quality answer to you.

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