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Patti Conklin is recognized as one of the world’s leading medical intuitives. Holding over 20 years in her practice, Patti has worked with people from all over the world. Her unique gift of sight and fine-tuned intuition allows her to carefully decipher cues from your body, your words, and your frequency to dial in on the core emotion at the root of your illness and work alongside you to overcome it. Patti offers a variety of healing work, by phone, email, Skype, or in person, all customized to fit your individual needs.

During a Healing Session, Patti will ask a series of questions about your personal, physical, and professional life. Your answers, and your body’s answers, to these questions will help Patti navigate to where in your body emotion is being stored. Then through energy work, visualization, and discussion, Patti will help you to remove that emotion and provide you with the tools to move forward into a happier, healthier life.


Healing Sessions are available no matter where you are by either Skype or phone!

How to Prepare for a Healing Session
We are often asked what should be done to prepare for a healing session. The answer is nothing! Before your appointment, continue your daily activities as you normally would. We only suggest that you have a pen and notepad nearby to write down your homework assignments.

What to Expect During a Healing Session
Each person has his or her own reason for looking to Patti Conklin Inc for assistance in life. Whatever may be your reason for participating in a healing session, we are positive you will find it here! You can expect your practitioner to ask you questions about your personal, physical, and professional life. Your verbal answers to these questions are not nearly as important as what your body says. Your body has all the information your practitioner needs, and your practitioner will be paying close attention! Each healing session is customized to fit the needs of the participant, so you can expect a very detailed, personal experience. Your practitioner is highly trained to isolate and address your particular needs.

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