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April 22 – April 23

St. Louis, Missouri

Ethical Society Foyer

Co-Sponsored by Soul Fitness Healing and Patti Conklin, Medical Intuitive,

Vibrational Mediator


Friday, April 22nd – FREE

7PM – 9PM Central

Join us this evening as Patti shares the basis of her gift and work as a Medical

Intuitive. Experience her vibration and personal story.

You will be introduced to:

  • How Vibration and Energy affect our physical, emotional and spiritual self.
  • Frequency and the ability to release stored densities in our cells.
  • Patti will share her unique story and explain her gift of sight as a Medical Intuitive.
  • Hear local residents discuss how Vibrational Medicine has impacted their lives.


Saturday, April 23rd

Workshop – “Discover Your Intuitive Healing Self”


10AM – 4PM Central

Join Patti and associates for this new and exciting workshop! Guaranteed to be

uplifting, enlightening, educational and leave you wanting to know more!


During this hands-on workshop you will learn:

  • How Vibration affects our living cells and all matter.
  • What’s new in the research and how medicine is currently using vibration.
  • The Foundations of Subtle and Auric Energy Fields.
  • How Words and Perceptions affect your body.
  • Simple techniques that use vibration to clear your cells.

You will participate in exercises that promote:

  • Enhance trusting your own intuition.
  • Reading your energy and that of others.
  • Self-healing through ColorWorks and ToneWorks.

On April 24, you can join Patti for an in-person Group Cellular Cleansing!