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Patti Conklin and the Patti Conklin Inc staff have had the extreme privilege of working with thousands of people across the world to help them achieve their personal definitions of health and wellness.

No matter where you are in the world; no matter what your diagnosis; no matter what personal challenges you face – Patti will provide you with the tools you need to reclaim your health. Picture yourself radiating with joy!

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Thank you so much, Patti, for that extra hour. I asked everyone to leave the room except my partner, and I closed my eyes and it was the most intense sensation I’ve ever felt. When I opened my eyes I didn’t know where I was for a few minutes, and my partner had to come over and help me get my bearings. It wasn’t scary, but it’s what I imagine a newborn infant feels like when he’s first born and then swaddled.
Ronald, VA // JULY 2015 // Distance Healing
Over the last two years, I have had the great pleasure of working with Patti Conklin in a group and individual setting several times. Her unique abilities and gifts have had a life changing impact on the dynamics of my entire family. Her fundamental teachings and insight has brought peace, happiness and a true sense of gratitude into our daily lives. I have learned to use her techniques to directly impact my thoughts, feeling and health. She has helped me to take action and be responsible for my own attitude and life path.
Tracey H, MO // MARCH 2015 // Neurological Rebuild
Hi Friend I hope you don’t mind me calling you my friend. I’ve been watching the DVD from your vibrational medicine class I attended in November and Wow. It all makes so much sense…really resonates with me. Even more now that I’ve been able to take it in slowly and digest things. Well I really just want to say Thank You Again for sharing yourself with me. I look forward to our next meeting. Thanks again, Big Hugs
Veronica, CA // FEBRUARY 2014 // Intensive Cellular Cleansing
Patti Conklin’s work with my son, CM, and our family has been
life changing!

As two special education teachers, we were confident that we could handle the extreme behaviors and social difficulties that came as part of our ten year old son’s Asperger, ADHD and Bi-Polar diagnoses.

However, even with over 35 years of special education experience between us, private therapists and the best psychologist our son’s extreme behavior meltdowns were tearing our family apart and creating an unsafe environment for our other children. In the five years since his adoption, CM had made progress in so many areas and had overcome so many hurdles. However, there was a constant attempt to engage in a power struggle and negotiate every direction. The behavioral meltdowns (verbal threats, physical aggression, property destruction and violent gestures) were increasing to several times a day and were becoming much more intense. At home, it was like we were walking on eggshells to prevent a “blow up”. For the first time we were truly afraid that our son was going to seriously hurt his siblings or us. Discussions of safe plans, police interventions, risk assessments and hospitalizations were taking place on a frequent basis. It was time to try something unconventional!

We had previously had the opportunity to hear Patti Conklin speak on two separate occasions. Secretly we wondered if her gift and insight could change our son’s violent behavioral path and bring peace to our home. With the support of two dear friends, we took the leap and contacted Patti in regards to our son’s behavioral concerns. She quickly confirmed that she could “see” a disruption in several of his neurological pathways. Patti explained that with an extremely intensive intervention, she was confident that she could neurologically repair his pathways. This would result in a drastic change in how CM responded to his environment. It all sounded too good to be true- BUT it just felt right!! Together we agreed that we couldn’t pass up this amazing opportunity to work with Patti. We owed CM a chance at inner peace and we owed our family a chance to grow together.

Within 48 hours of the start of Patti’s intensive work with CM- we started to see positive changes. When CM started to meltdown he was able to maintain control and follow our prompts to self-calm. The taunting and attempts to physically hurt us stopped. We started observing periods of appropriate positive interactions between CM and his siblings.

Over the next few weeks, CM began interacting more with his peers at school and his family. He wanted to be with other people. The negotiating and incidences of flat out refusing to follow directions decreased. Transitions became smoother and he started asking more thoughtful / appropriate questions. The majority of the time he was able to accept “no” and move on – which was previously highly unusual!

Now almost 6 months later, our norm is much different than before Patti entered our lives. Meltdowns only occur 1-2 times a month and consist of verbal outbursts and unkind words. While our son, like any typical ten year old doesn’t follow our advice or words of wisdom most of the time- he now “hears” when we explain things to him. You can tell he is really starting to make those connections. He is on track to have the best school year yet and is interested in spending time with his peers. He still possesses all the amazing insight and curiosity of the world around him that we love – even when it drives us crazy. CM is more open to trying new things and is more in tune to how he feels. Overall, there is a greater sense of calm and clarity. It’s as if the fog has risen from within his brain.

As a family we’ve been able to concentrate more on the typical everyday tasks of homework, extracurricular activities and family fun. No longer do we worry that each word that comes out of our mouth might trigger a meltdown and disrupt the entire household.

Has CM been cured of all his diagnoses? – I don’t think so. Have our lives been drastically changed for the positive since working with Patti?– YES! Our faith and hope for the future has been restored and we feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from Patti Conklin. We will forever be grateful!!

Tracey H, MO // APRIL 2015 // Neurological Rebuild - Child

Upon awakening when I stood up I did not feel good, nothing I could pin point, but I had been having issues with my heart so I went to the Emergency Room.  I was hooked up to a Heart Monitor.  I was told my heart was in atrial fibrillation. That meant the atrium was just fluttering, not making the regular strong heart beats.  If that condition persists a clot can form and go to the lungs or brain and have a stroke.  They told me I needed to be admitted to the Cardiac Unit and have my heart shocked so it would go back into normal sinus rhythm.  I just laid there waiting.  Then it came to me to do the Color Works that Patti taught me to do.  I was very relaxed and started doing the Color Works.  In a short while I felt a shift in my body.  Soon a doctor came in and told me my heart had converted.  Someone came in and took off all of the paraphernalia and asked if I felt like getting up. If it had not been for Patti and the Color Works I would have been on my way to the Cardiac Unit.  As it was, I got up, walked out of E.R., drove myself home to have a lovely normal day.

Elizabeth Ann, USA // March 2017 // ColorWorks, Intensive Cellular Cleansing
You are so wonderful Patti, and I am so appreciative for the energy work that you do. Every Wednesday evening gets me closer and closer to feeling that I finally belong in my skin. Thank you! xxoo
Stacey, USA // AUGUST 2014 // Energy Adjustment
When I first contacted Patti Conklin I was 28 and had a serious illness and very poor quality of life. The doctors, specialists and alternative health practitioners were not able to tell me why I was so ill or give me any relief. I had debilitating muscle and joint pain, fatigue and severe food and environmental allergies which led to anaphylaxis reactions. I had gone from being a university student that played sports and worked to being bed-ridden and housebound. I lost so much weight that I was given nutrients by IV and steroid injections to try to get my weight up to a safer level. On a good day, I could shower and make lunch on the same day. I was too weak to do both. I had a 2 day cellular cleanse with Patti Conklin in March 2003. After the first night of the cellular I knew at a deep level that my healing shift had begun. I ate food then and there in the office with Patti that hours before would have caused an anaphylaxis reaction. I had no allergic reaction and my body continued to heal and remove the illness with Patti’s help the next day as well. After the first week of my cellular cleanse I put on 5 pounds and no longer had my allergies. My body continued to heal and clear for 8 months after the treatment. It took time for me to regain strength and to rebuild my body after being so ill. I don’t think I would be alive living such a healthy life if it wasn’t for the cellular cleanse treatment.
Vanesssa D, CANADA // AUGUST 2012 // Intensive Cellular Cleansing
I wanted to share with you how well the Cellular Cleansing and the Inensive practice work has been working for me. The impact has been profound; I see things differently, I feel things differently, my perceptions have changed, and in turn I feel like it’s changing the chemistry and physiology of my physical body.

Having had long-term and chronic illness that had escalated to metastatic cancer at age 46, I knew that something – actually everything – needed to change, quickly. I knew I needed to rewire my brain, but in spite of all my reading and research, I could not figure out how to facilitate the change. I knew I needed to heal old wounds that were keeping my heart and mind locked in the past and fearful of the future, but I didn’t know how to make the wounds heal. I knew I needed to learn to love myself, forgive myself, and forgive others so that I could live in joy and fully in the present, but I didn’t know how to make my heart, mind, and cells release the negative emotions.

It is not surprise to me how I came to meet you. I received a phone call from a friend, who had another friend who attended one of your workshops the previous day. Although the workshop had passed, I jumped at the chance to attend the Cellular Cleansing session that was to start in less than an hour. Amazingly, living just 10 minutes from where the session was taking place, I was able to get there minutes before it started. Without knowing anyone in the room, without anyone there knowing anything about me – you approached me with interest knowing that my physical body was being threatened, specifically at the carotid artery. For me, that moment will forever be suspended in time… I didn’t know how you worked, and didn’t understand how you could possibly know that the metastatic cancer in the lymph nodes in my neck and deviated and damaged the carotid artery and was threatening my life. Needless to say, you had my undivided attention. In the days following the Cellular Cleansing session, I read your book and was eager to start the Intensive practice work. For me, it was the missing link for which I had been searching. These were the tools I needed to rewire my brain. The visualizations and processes were what I needed to facilitate forgiveness and release – to heal the old wounds. This was the path for me to develop self-love and change the way I experience life and the world around me. It was exactly what I needed, at exactly the right time. It was perfect.

This experience and the process has been a great gift. It’s been the big shift. I will forever be grateful.

Mirae, MO // February 2015 // Intensive Cellular Cleansing

Dear Patti,

M said the trip to see you in Nov last year was quite weird stuff, but sometimes weird stuff is what we need.

I did not have time to tell you – coming to Cartersville is one of the BEST experiences I ever had in my life! What accomplished in 4 days is more than 16 years of talk therapy.

The best thing is, it just gets better and better as times goes on, it is unexplainable – but then there is only one Patti in the world. We are SO Blessed to have the opportunity to see you and also that you are willing to work with us. I thank God for this totally incredible amazing opportunity —  of a life time.

A & M

A & M, Australia // November 2016 // Intensive Cellular Cleansing
I was at a crossroads in my life, feeling really stopped, miserable and in a lot of emotional pain from a very acrimonious break-up. The pain was unbearable and it destroyed my focus on mostly every other area of my life. I was spiraling out of control. A few weeks before I found myself hitting rock bottom, I had come across a podcast in which a woman called Patti Conklin was being interviewed on internet radio about her energy work with colors – I became fascinated and searched for everything I could find about her. One day when the pain was unbearable, and in utter desperation I called the number I found for her.

Patti gave me an appointment for the next day – I could not wait to work with her – I don’t think I slept that night because I was so looking forward to our call. Patti worked with me on the phone that day…initially I was a bit skeptical that I could have any relief via a telephone call hundreds of miles away. Patti was patient and encouraging. She walked me through her technique, which involved visualizing and releasing colors. Then she taught me how to continue doing the color-work in simple steps. We worked for about half an hour and I had to get back to work. When I hung up from Patti, I realized that my chest was no longer tight – the burden of the emotional pain was gone – the heavy oppressive sadness had lifted and I could smile again. The situation that got me into this sorrow had not changed, however my experience of it had changed, creating the clarity I needed to resolve the problems. I have acquired some of Patti’s CDs and often use her technique before going to sleep at night. They have been very helpful. Thanks a million Patti for the difference you made for me. I will always be grateful.

JBW, USA // JANUARY 2015 // Healing Session

So I settled in for your energy work. OMG!!  Little did I know what would happen!  When I do energy work on clients and family, I frequently feel the energy shift through yawns.  Well, I yawned for over an hour, shifting energy in my body as well as the bodies of my dear hubby and cat, who are both ill. Even 2.5 hrs later I’m still shifting the energy. My dear, Patti Conklin, thank you, thank you.

Jan S. R. , Facebook // JULY 2017 // Free Energy Adjustment

Hi, just wanted to say that I remember you from the UK at the mind body spirit festival, I cannot remember the year, you had a tall afro american partner with you at the time, years after I also remember listening to podcasts you uploaded about a wide range of subjects :).

Chris R, UK // JULY 2017 // Free Energy Adjustment

Thank you. I’m in tears. This is a good thing I think. I am so grateful for this generous support of my daughter and me.

Libba, Facebook // FEBRUARY 2017 // Free Energy Adjustment
My mum has been diagnosed with lung cancer and after months of treatments with traditional medicine, we decided to switch to alternative medicine as her condition worsened. We went to Brasil in search for help, to see the famous healer John of God, and there we bought a book which included story about Patti’s gift of healing people. As we got back home, it turned out that our trip didn’t wasn’t effective as expected, but it led us to Patti. When we did xray and all the scans, they showed that cancer was spread all over mum’s body. Doctors gave her 3 weeks. That’s the moment when we reached Patti, and since that day, miracles started to happen! Patti gave us hope in moments when we almost gave up. With her amazing abilities to feel and see things, we decided to let Patti do her own work. Patti’s support means so much to us, we feel safe and secure with her in our lives. Patti was working with mum everyday, sending love and beautiful energy. Patti said that we will need to make baby steps in order to make our mum stable, so that we can do the Intensive Cellular Cleansing. And exaclty as Patti said, day by day, mum’s condition started improving tremendously! Mum started gaining back her strength. Within couple of weeks, mum started walking again. I have to mention that mum was unable to walk, she was unable to breathe properly, she felt aweful pain all over her body. But today, after only couple of weeks, mum cooked us lunch! You can’t imagine the feeling when you see your mother who couldn’t walk more that month ago, preparing lunch, happy and laughing. I have to mention that not only physically but emotionally she is feelig absolutely better! Of course, there is still a lot of work, but we all believe that we are going into right direction. And it’s getting better and better everyday! We feel like Patti is part of our family now, she gives so much of herself and she is always there for us to give us an advice when we need it. Even though we are still in the process of healing, we all feel like mum is healthy, we are extremely happy now, and can’t thank God enough for connecting us with Patti! Miracles do happen, and Patti is definitely someone who is capable of making miracles and dreams come true! We have no hesitation in recommending Patti to everyone in need! Also, I am allowing Patti’s great assistant Saundra, whose words also gave us hope in the beginning, to share my email with anyone who has any questions or something we can help them with!
AB, Serbia // February 2016 // Intensive Cellular Cleansing and Remote Healing

The group Cellular Cleansing I did with Patti in November 2016 has been a life-changing experience. Patti gently and lovingly supported each group member’s individual process.  The follow-up guided visualizations have empowered me to continue my healing and handle challenges without replaying the past.  I am continuing the visualizations daily with positive effects on my life, relationships, and health.  Thank you for leading me to days where I experience serenity.

I have great appreciation for Patti Conklin and her staff.

LR, US // November 2016 // Group Cellular Cleansing

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